Revolutionary Fingerprint Drug Testing With Workforce-Wellbeing.

Quick, Simple, Fast, Hygienic Drug Testing

Socially Distanced Drug Testing

The Intelligent Fingerprinting system offers a safe, simple approach to drug testing that’s quick, hygienic and enables social distancing during use. Discover how Fingerprint Drug Testing with Workforce-Wellbeing can transform your company.

Face coverings can be worn and there’s no need for close contact or handling of biohazardous body fluids.

Fully portable, the system eliminates the need to call in external drug testers, helping you to lower infection risk and stay in control of costs by bringing testing in-house.

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Why Change To Fingerprint Drug Testing With Workforce-Wellbeing?

This short video explains how the Intelligent Fingerprinting drug testing system can support your organisation thanks to its non-invasive, quick, easy and more dignified approach.

Fingerprint Drug Screening System

This fingerprint drug screening system is quick and easy to use. Sample collection takes less than a minute and results are available on-the-spot using the Intelligent Fingerprinting DSR-Plus. The DSR-Plus reads the Cartridge and displays either a positive or negative result for each drug in the test in just ten minutes.

Book your no-obligation demo of this Revolutionary Fingerprint Drug Testing with Workforce-Wellbeing System to find out more?

How Does Fingerprint Testing Compare?

We believe that fingerprint based drug tests offer a more convenient, hygienic and pleasant approach to testing than traditional methods involving urine or saliva samples. This comparison table shows how different drug testing approaches measure up across a number of key criteria:

The System Comprises

Drug Screening Cartridges

Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening Cartridges provide fast fingerprint sample collection and detection of multiple drug groups.


Intelligent Fingerprinting DSR-Plus is the portable sample reader that analyses the Drug Screening Cartridge within 10 minutes.

Laboratory Analysis

Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis that provides a secondary lab-based confirmation testing solution (if required).

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Why Use Fingerprint Drug Testing?

Non-Invasive & Dignified

Fingerprint Drug Testing works by analysing fingerprint sweat, so sample collection is non-invasive, simple and dignified.

Quick & Fast

Fingerprint sample collection takes seconds and analysis for multiple drugs of abuse is complete in 10 minutes.

Easily Portable

Fingerprint Drug Testing Equipment is compact, light and portable, for convenient drug screening whenever it's needed, in a variety of locations.

Easy To Use & Clean

Non-invasive, non-biohazardous system, fingerprint-based drug test is hygienic and simple to administer.


The multi-panel test is quick and easy, with no need for gender-specific collectors, specialist handling or clinical waste disposal making it a very affordable option.

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A huge range of organisations, not just in the UK but worldwide are now using Intelligent Fingerprinting’s non-invasive Drug Screening System to simplify and support their drug screening programmes across a range of applications, from workplace testing to family safeguarding initiatives.

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Workforce-Wellbeing provides legally defensible drug and alcohol misuse testing at every stage – pre-employment, random or post-incident (“For Cause”).


We offer a huge range of training courses at your site or externally – including first aid, drugs / alcohol and much more.

H & S

Consultancy, risk assessments, training and policy & procedure assistance – ensuring you’re legally compliant.


Medicals, health surveillance, health promotion, absence management – occupational health services at low prices.

Workplace Drug Testing

Everything You Need To Know About Fingerprint Drug Testing

Request a copy of the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Testing Guide. If you would like to discuss this further or arrange for a demonstration please do not hesitate to contact Workforce-Wellbeing on +353 (0)90 6409210 or send us a message online.

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